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muenster - [MS Piraten] WG: [AG-Europa] WG: [Leaders Update] Pirate Party UK Needs YOU!

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Subject: Kreis Münster/ NRW

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[MS Piraten] WG: [AG-Europa] WG: [Leaders Update] Pirate Party UK Needs YOU!

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  • Subject: [MS Piraten] WG: [AG-Europa] WG: [Leaders Update] Pirate Party UK Needs YOU!
  • Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 16:54:20 +0000
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Betreff: [AG-Europa] WG: [Leaders Update] Pirate Party UK Needs YOU!
Gesendet: 26.02.2016 17:49
Von: michael john sinclair <mickeyy_sinclair AT>
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Hallo, I know that UK Pirates would be to proud to ask for help elsewhere, but maybe there is need for discussion here, It would be Traumatic to lose our friends on the Isle.
          hope someone has ideas maybe externe IT support so they can concentrate on the campaign side.

Pirate Regards
Mickey Sinclair.
P.S. general Assembly in Germany just accepted entry from 14 years of age and worldwide Membership.

Leaders Office - Pirate Party UK <LeadersOffice AT> schrieb am 13:23 Freitag, 26.Februar 2016:


tl;dr We are in trouble and need your help. Without your help we will shut

Dear members,

This is an urgent notification to all members that the Pirate Party UK needs
your help. The Party is currently operating without an elected NEC. This is
untenable in the long term.

There is essential work that needs to be done now. If it isn't done the Party
will cease to exist.

On Wednesday 24th February the Board met and discussed whether it would ask
the members to vote on whether they should gracefully close down the Party.
The Board voted against this and committed to raising the Party to a
functional state.

Members of the Board have already volunteered to fulfill the essential Party
roles (Stephen as Leader, Will as Treasurer, and Harley as Nominations
Officer) with the Electoral Commission. On Wednesday the Board agreed to
undertake the most essential duties to keep the Party extant. However, the
Board cannot continue to fill all these roles and do all of the work
necessary to keep the Party running on an ongoing basis.

All of this work and the work of the past six years will be wasted and
discarded unless we can rebuild successfully.

In order to rebuild successfully the Party NEEDS all members to get involved.
There are three main areas where we need your immediate help:

*IT Team*

Steve Wilson has worked very hard for many years managing the IT
infrastructure and resources for the Party. The Party would not have
developed as successfully as it did without his significant contributions.
But Steve has decided that he wants to step down from this role and now the
IT infrastructure for the Party is in danger because we have a serious and
sophisticated setup that needs to be operated and managed by knowledgeable

We do not want to have a single point of failure and we do not want to load
down one person with all the pressure that the job entails. As such we want
to form a team of people who can share the load.

We have already arranged with one member to audit the system and Harley
(Board member and temporary Nominations Officer) will coordinate volunteers
for the IT Team.

If you have IT skills (server admin, php, drupal, dba, etc.) and are willing
to join this team please comment at

*Party Administration and Leadership*

The Party cannot operate without leadership. This currently means the
following roles: Leader, Deputy Leader, Treasurer, Nominations Officer,
Campaigns Officer, and Secretary. Nominations are open for these positions
and have been for some time -[2]

Clearly we have not had members willing to step forward and take on these
roles. As such the Board is willing to undertake a mentoring process. We will
accept volunteers to work but not take on the full duties of these roles.
This allows an interested volunteer to work in the relevent area and
contribute to the Party in a meaningful way and build the confidence to maybe
step up to take the official role at a later date.

It will not be a requirement of a volunteer that they eventually step up -
simply working in one of the NEC departments benefits the Party and will
eventually create the stability where someone else will be able to step up
and receive immediate and experienced support.

If YOU think the current Party structure is unusable then please contribute
to a new model that will work better. You can do this by discussing in the

Please note however that while discussion is good, actions are better. I'd
like to see anyone who thinks there is a better structure to get involved in
the current structure, do some of the real work that needs doing, and help
change the Party structure from within it.

Volunteers will be coordinated by Board members who will assist them in
getting up to speed with what needs doing. You won't be on your own. We will
only be successful in rebuilding if we work together.

To volunteer to work in any of the Party's departments please comment at


Boringly we have bills. It takes money to run a political Party. Please do
consider a donation, no matter how small[5]

Stephen Ogden
Pirate Party Governor

Leaders Update [6]

Like what we do? Help fund us at we
rely entirely on donations to make what we do possible!

For more information on the Pirate Party UK, please visit our website at If you wish to receive regular press
statements from the Party (or no longer wish to receive them) please email
the Press Office at press AT, or unsubscribe below.  The
Pirate Party UK is a political party registered at Studio 202, Islington
Mill, James Street, Salford, M3 5HW.

Use the following link to unsubscribe:


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