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Subject: Liste vom Squad Esperanto / Listo de esperanta laborgrupo

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[squad-esperanto] Teksto de la flugfolio

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Jen denove:

Jen la "pado":
passwort: CCEP

Oni devas peti pado-konton.

Aldone vi trovas la originan tekston.


Text is ready to export. The Pad is therefore put into public read-only.
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Democracy update


Citizens Privacy

Data Trading in general

intelligence surveillance


network policy

refugee policy


patent law

free knowledge society

trade policy

We Pirates work for a United Europe, where all people are treated fairly
and equally. This approach rests upon more democracy, more citizen
participation, a free Internet with free communication and the fight
against human rights violations.
Democracy update for the EU
For favoring participatory action, the European Policy has to change:
+ Shift decision-making authority from EU Commision (executive)
towards EU Parliament (legislative).
- Eliminate unreasonable barriers to political participation.
• Smaller amount of required supporter signatures for the
acceptance of people's initiatives and the formation of new parties.
Transparency in the EU
The basis for political decision-making of the EU must be traceable.
+ Disclose the influence of interest groups & lobbyists.
+ Install Whistleblower protection: Comprehensive, legal
protection of persons, who amongst others discover cases of corruption,
insider trading, human rights violations and breaches of morality & ethics.
+ Disclose all contracts & monetary advantages relating to the
government or the public sector.
Citizens Privacy
Our rights & freedoms must be preserved and the efficency of law
enforcement has to be guaranteed. The EU Data Protection Regulation has
to strengthen relevant rights of EU citizens in all European countries,
so that bypassing the guidelines (e.g. base/headquarters? in Ireland)
can be prevented.
Data Trading in general
- No exchange of personal data within & outside the EU without
any initial suspicion.
- No transfer of bank & passenger data.
- No Eurosur border data collection.
- No handing over of personal data to countries without
effective protection of fundamental rights.
intelligence surveillance
- Ban of indiscriminate personal identifications in public spaces
without criminal suspicion - especially in connection with demonstrations.
- Prohibition of mass surveillance & data retention.
+ Surveillance only allowed with a court order (and under
judicial review)
• Fewer surveillance cameras - more police presence.
- No capture & storage of biometric data of
spotlessinnocent citizens.
We call for a moratorium on surveillance plans and demand a fundamental
rights stamp.
The European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) shall examine all current
and future toma de contacto con la confederación ‏security programs of
the EU and therefore be equiped with all relevant power.
+ Moratorium on new monitoring systems until systematic review of
FRA is complete.
- Disestablish automatic "profiling" of people (for
classification into risk categories) and similar methods.
+ Strict standards for all industrial systems that process
automated data.
+ Disclosing source code for those standards.
+ Quality control by experts of same field (peer-reviewed).
Network policy
Free and equal access to the internet is nowadays a prerequisite to
participation in society.
+ Include the right to receive "digital participation" in the
European Charter of Fundamental Rights.
+ Promote broadband expansion across the whole EU.
+ Ensuring non-discriminatory, anonymous access in the entire EU
by introducing net neutrality (as an EU law).
Refugee policy
We condemn all tendencies to determine asylum & refugee policy by a
repressive apparatus of survey and control. < can someone retranslate
this from german? Does a repressive apparatus of survey and control
determine our asylum and refugee policy, or is that just the executing
branch? original text in the CEEP: We denounce all tendencies to create
a repressive apparatus of survey and control in Europe.
EU Neighbourhood Policy should lead to a sustainable improvement of
living conditions and to a promotion of human rights in all partner
We want a fair and balanced copyright law, which is based on the
interests of society as a whole. The access to information, knowledge
and culture has to be made easier.
+ Free copying, using and deploying of art and literature for
non-commercial purposes must be protected.
- Monopoly rights must be limited to a reasonable amount of time.
- National, fake barriers for cultural goods in the european
single market must be abolished.
Patent law

The existing patent system needs to be fundamentally reformed!
Patents serve to reward outstanding ideas - not to stifle the market
with an ever-growing tide of trivial, overreaching patents.
- No patenting in genetics and biotechnology.
- No monopoly on plants, seeds and works of nature.
- No patenting on computer programs or business models
- No extension of patent protection by spurious changes of medicine.

Innovation has to be fairly rewarded - this is also possible without
monopoly rights!
+ Promote pharmaceutical innovation by alternative financing methods.
- Prevent practices such as paying competitors of patent owners
in order to delay generics releases.
• Break the direct link between research reward and drug price to
ensure medicine to be affordable to everyone.
Free knowledge society
Citizen data, stored in the public sector, shall be processed and
managed with free software - proprietary software only in exceptional cases.
- Access must not be limited by fees, licenses or excessive
application procedures.
+ Free and easy access to results of publicly funded research.
Free knowledge & information flow is important and needs extra support
for a barrier-free access to education.
+ Strengthen development & promotion of free teaching materials.
+ Enhance digitalisation & publication of documents that are
stored in public libraries and archives.
Trade policy
Certain conditions concerning negotiations of the EU on trade agreements
have to be met:
• Strong involvement of the European Parliament.
• Comprehensive access to information and public hearings.
• Respect for the citizens` self-determination and privacy.
• Taking the interests of small and medium-sized entreprises into

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